We praise German cuisine traditions and keep all its values - including the name. In our new "Baden Baden" restaurant we welcome our guests with our traditional German and European dishes, best beers of all Europe, friendly waiters in Germal national outfit and, of course, warm and cozy atmosphere. But the new interiors are totally different!

Thanks to professional designers we tried to implement town and castle atmosphere in 1000 square meters: one side is a town, the other - living area of a medieval German castle. And don't let the space mislead you! Careful zoning, deco and high-quality furniture make our restaurant halls spacious, full of light and home-like. Natural materials - wood, stone, leather - give the true feel of German quality and reliability. Designer's lighting, chandeliers, stained-glass windows, pictures and artistically forged elements provide home-like comfort, let you dip into the atmosphere of the glorious past and turn your mood to the hearty pleasures of life.