Eco cuisine? What is that? For us eco is not just a phony trendy prefix. The point is that almost every dish at Baden Baden is made from ingredients grown in Sochi. Yes, here in Sochi!

Pigs that provide us with pork runs about on our own pig farm and eats very well. Grilled trout used to swim in our lake several hours ago. Salted mushrooms and pickles that we serve to your table were grown under the sun of Sochi and fed with our rains. We grind flour and bake bread, make fruit drinks, jams and jelly. Eggs are provided by our hens, and milk is given by our cows. The only exception is beer - it's origin is in Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, Austria and Holland. But all our meals - both fresh and preserved - are 100% ours. And we have every right to be proud.